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Monday, December 11, 2017
Auction (CST) Branch City State Status # of Vehicles

Pre-Bid Closes In
10:00 AM
San Diego
San Diego CA
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7 -13316.2351255 116 1513008000000 0

Can I inspect vehicles prior to auction?

Yes. Preview dates and times are identified on the Branch Information page for each auction facility.

How do I bid online during a live auction?

Live internet bidding is available through I-bid LIVE. Through any Internet connection, I-bid LIVE technology allows you to bid in real time along with live local bidders and other Internet bidders—just as the auction is happening. Click on any I-bid LIVE icon on an auction list or IAA Branch Location page during the scheduled auction to join the live event.

How do I bid on vehicles that have been set for sale?

At IAA, we offer flexible bidding options:

  • Proxy Bidding: Pre-bid online up to ONE HOUR (local time) before the auction with proxy representation of the winning pre-bid at the live auction.
  • Live Bidding: Bid live, in person, at any of our nationwide auction facilities where you meet licensing requirements.
  • Live-Online: Bid online as the live auction takes place with I-bid LIVEsm. I-Bid Live VIDEO
  • I-Buy Fastsm: Purchase vehicles instantly online for a set price up to 8:00 p.m. the night before the next auction. I-Buy Fast VIDEO

What is a public auction?

A public auction is an auction at which any Public Buyer can participate and bid on inventory available to them. Public auctions are indicated with a Public Auction icon found on the Auctions page.